Types Of Rubber Foam Gasket

Gaskets come in various types. The materials they utilize are also numerous. The tasks they handle are similar as are often the properties or characteristics of the material employed. Companies may employ metal, rubber, plastic, cork, various rubber, plastic and composite materials to produce a specific gasket. One of the softer type of gaskets currently used in various industrial operations is a foam gasket.

Foam Rubber Gaskets: Common Materials

Foam or sponge rubber is by its very nature soft and pliable. These types of rubber are generally of the closed and not the open cell type. To produce a gasket from foam, rubber fabrication companies utilize foam rubber sheets. They may come in a variety of materials. These major materials are:

 * Neoprene
 * Nitrile
 * Ethylene propylene diene monomer or EPDM

Each of the type of rubber foam gasket is readily and easily able to handle compression. When manipulated out of its shape by either force or physical objects, it reverts to its original shape. This common characteristic makes foam rubber ideal for manufacturing gaskets and seals.

General Properties of EPDM Foam 

EPDM material is used to manufacture foam gaskets that feature the same qualities of EPDM gaskets. This material produces gaskets that are characterized by

 * Durability with exceptional resistance
 * Reliability
 * High temperature range
 * Excellent resistance to ozone, oxygen and sunlight
 * High weatherability
 * Outstanding acids, alkalis and ketones resistance
 * Exceptional color stability
 * Odor-free characteristics
 * High dielectric qualities

This makes these foam gaskets particular suitable for outdoors applications. They last where others deteriorate quickly. Products include weather stripping, equipment seals, sleeves and mounts.

General Properties of Neoprene Foam 

Neoprene Foam is excellent for gaskets. It exhibits the following qualities:

* Good chemical stability or inertia
* Waterproof
* Corrosion resistance
* Permanent seal

Neoprene foam gaskets are best for applications in manufacturing dust, moisture and splash seals as well as lid seals.

General Properties of Nitrile Foam

Nitrile (also known as Buna-N) is a closed cell sponge rubber. It is notable for the ability to perform its designated function even when the weather range could be anywhere from -40°F to +250°F. Nitrile foam gaskets exhibit a high level of resistance to

* Vegetable oil
* Animal oil
* Mineral oil

It is also known for its tensile strength and excellent elongation and shock and impact absorbing properties. This ensures it is suitable for use in such products as oil seals and for dampening the noise as well as in many hot and cold water transmission systems, air conditioning units and various ducting systems.

Rubber Foam Gasket

Rubber foam gaskets are a softer, more pliable version of the harder counterpart. They are intended to withstand the rigors of hard environmental conditions. Talk to an expert on the matter before you decide what type of rubber foam gasket is best capable of supporting the functions of your equipment or components. will receive. They do it right and deliver on time.