Custom Foam Tape Applications – Choosing the Best Company

Foam tape is one of the easiest and most effective ways to seal, bond, and protect surfaces. When you use custom foam tape, you receive solutions to important issues about product performance and can drastically reduce your materials and labor costs. You can find several companies willing to produce your tape products but which one should you choose? Here are some tips to help you make a decision.


Suppose you are considering three companies. One has been around since 2012, the other since 2008, and one began business back in the 1950s. When you have decisions like these to make, it’s really easy. Going with experience usually gives you the best products and services at the most reasonable prices. A company with decades of experience manufacturing custom foam tape is doing everything right, and they can be trusted.


The best companies can be reached by phone or email. When you consider businesses, contact them and ask questions. The way their people treat you over the phone or through correspondence tells you a great deal about the company. For example, when you call a business and are put on hold for a long time, they may not have enough people on hand to run their customer service department. If you have to leave a voicemail and wait days for a return call, this company may not be interested in earning your business. The best companies offer prompt, courteous, and efficient customer service.


There is no substitute for high-quality products and services. Look for businesses with an ISO 9001 certification. To earn this distinction, companies must run a “customer focused” business with everyone responsible for producing high-quality materials. They have quality control systems in place that assure you are getting the best custom foam tape products and services in the industry, at affordable prices.

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