What To Consider In A New Or Replacement Stress Test System

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Cardiology Equipment

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In many different types of settings, a stress test system is used for monitoring, evaluating and diagnostic tools with patients. These can be found in hospital and healthcare facilities as well as in testing facilities and even in physical therapy and rehabilitation settings.

There are different models and options available to perform cardiac stress testing. Knowing what you want and the specific test results required will help you select the right system for the facility. There is also the option to consider a refurbished system over new equipment, ideal to save money and to add testing equipment without a big impact on your equipment budget.

Types of Testing Required

Not all types of stress test system designs will perform the same tests. Most will provide the basics for stress testing, but others may provide specific testing features and functions that will be important for your technicians. For example, the option to review data in real-time during the test or the options in reporting format will be critical factors to consider.

Integration with the Current System

Many of the recent models and options in stress test system equipment allow for full integration with your current lab or testing facility systems. This means that the data obtained from the test can be automatically uploaded to standard healthcare IT systems within the facility.

These systems can also be linked and connected to other testing and diagnostic systems that are compatible. The connectivity streamlines the data entry and transfer process and allows for immediate retrieval of relevant data as needed.

While price will always be a factor, the choice of a fully refurbished system can reduce the price dramatically. These systems are ideal for new facilities or to be used as additional equipment in existing healthcare centers.

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