Transfer Your VHS to DVD To Preserve Your Important Videos

Movie aficionados convert VHS to DVD in Medford MA for a variety of reasons. Often, they want to have all of their movies in the newest format, so they can play them with their DVD players along with all of their DVD movies. Other times, they want to convert VHS to DVD in Medford MA in order to protect their VHS movies. They understand that DVD media is a more robust physical storage method than VHS. They may also be looking toward the conversion to DVD as a way to make their libraries take up less storage space (so they can go get more movies!) However, some videophiles consider one of the most important reasons to convert is to preserve those VHS movies where they have recorded family events.

Although they were still very expensive, VHS players began to be available in the early 1980s. A VHS player could sell for upwards of $1000. Movie rentals cost between $5 to $10 for a single night rental. Blank VHS tapes for recording television shows were $10 to $20. In spite of the comparatively large prices, many people made the purchases, because they loved the idea of being able to play a movie whenever they wanted.

A few years later, video camera manufacturers took advantage of the new video recording technology by offering a way to save home movies to VHS. The cameras offered a way to playback home movies on the viewfinder screen, which was about the size of a mobile phone screen today. The video itself was recorded on a tape about the size of old style audio cassettes (about the size of a small mobile phone). The camera manufacturers began to offer an alternate video output in the firm of three RCA connectors: a video connector and two audio connectors. This could be connected to the corresponding connectors on most televisions and VHS recorders. This allowed home movie enthusiasts to play their camera recordings through the VCR and record them as they would a television show. After that, they would no longer need the camera to playback the movies. They could play the recorded VHS tapes.

However, each time they played the tapes, the picture quality degraded a little. In addition, they were concerned about being able to archive the tapes reliably. This is because recording to a second VHS tape degraded the picture quality as well. The solution was to convert VHS to DVD in Medford MA.

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