How to Properly Maintain Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops can really enhance the look of any home. However, it’s important to remember that they often need regular maintenance. If you don’t properly look after your laminate San Fernando Valley CA, you could end up paying out a lot of money to replace it pretty quickly!

Top tips for cleaning laminate countertops
Laminate countertops are potentially the most popular types of countertops in the US. They are created with high density chipboard and they are really affordable. Providing you look after them properly they should last for as long as your kitchen does.
Firstly it’s important to make sure that you clean the countertop every day. You should find regular kitchen surface cleaners are perfect for this job. They shouldn’t discolor or mark the surface in any way. However, it will depend upon the quality of the laminate so make sure you are buying from a reliable supplier.
If you’ve chosen a high gloss finish worktop then you may find it best to use a dry cloth and window cleaner. Also give the countertop a bit of buffing for best results. This will ensure that the worktop stays extra shiny.

Top tips for preventing damage
While laminate San Fernando Valley CA countertops are durable, there are some things that can cause damage to them. For example, if you place a hot pan or plate onto the worktop, it can discolor the surface. Once there, these heat marks cannot be removed.
Using a chopping board will also help to prevent any scratches on the countertops. It’s also a lot more hygienic too. If you do manage to scratch the surface, bacteria can lurk in the crack and build up. If your worktop has suffered some minor scratches and damage, you can find repair kits online.

Things to keep in mind
The main things to keep in mind when it comes to laminate countertop maintenance are:
1. They need to be cleaned daily
2. You should always opt for a laminate with a long guarantee
3. Protect the surface as much as possible

These are the top 3 things to consider. Did you know that some finishes come with a higher guarantee than others? Glossy style laminate San Fernando Valley CA tends to come with the shortest guarantee. This is because marks are easy to leave and they also easily show too. Textured laminate countertops will hide scratches much more effectively.

Overall it’s not hard to see why so many people choose laminate countertops. They look great, they’re affordable and they are fairly easy to maintain. In comparison to real wooden surfaces, laminate is definitely the more affordable and easiest option. As long as you follow the tips above, your countertops should last you for many years to come.

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