Top Three Biggest Web Design Mistakes and How to Correct Them

Even the smallest local business needs a website and web presence today, so you need a good web design and development company in Knoxville to do so. Yet even with the internet taking over the world of business, there are still too many companies which fail to follow the expert’s advice and make big web design mistakes.

1. Assuming the Visitor Cares

You can assume somebody has come across your website because they found out about your company or are looking for a service like yours. But it is unwise to assume that they will buy from you over a competitor, or even that every visitor knows what your company does.

2. Being too Different

Every website needs to be original to stand out from competitors, and a Knoxville web design and development company can help you to achieve that. However, many companies try to be too different and forget that the internet is now so ingrained into our daily lives that a website that is too flashy will scream bad taste. Entrepreneur says that a website with too many different fonts and colors turns a website into a garish nightmare and results in visitors leaving quickly. Make your website unique, but try not to be too avant-garde.

3. Not Linking With Social Media

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are also a major part of the public consciousness so it is essential for even small companies to link their website with their social media pages. The Huffington Post says that this is an essential part of creating inbound links to your website for generating SEO that you will need to push your website up in the search engine rankings.

By being aware of these red flags, working with your web design company to avoid them, and updating your site as needed, you can have a quality website that will help to generate a lot of interest and sales.

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