A Look at How Some Businesses Use Barcode Scanners to Boost Efficiency

Most people do not realize that there is a 1D and a 2D form of barcode scanner. A 1D barcode scanner is linear. A 2D barcode scanner uses squares, hexagons, dots, and other patterns and shapes to encode data.

A 2D barcode scanner is able to read more data. However, a 2D barcode is physically going to appear smaller. This is because data is encoded using both the horizontal and vertical arrangement of the pattern. This is why it is said that it is read in two dimensions.

A 2D barcode scanner is not just encoding alphanumeric information. These codes can also be website addresses, images, voice, and additional forms of binary data. This means that with a 2D barcode, you are able to transmit information and make use of the information whether the user is connected to a barcode or not. A sizable amount of information can travel with an item that has a 2D barcode on it.

Usually, you will need a 2D scanner to read 2D barcodes. There are some, like QR code, that can be read using some smartphone apps. A 2D barcode can be read from more than three feet away using a scanner that has the common gun style, the countertop style, the cordless style, and mounted styles. Some scanners for 2D barcodes can also be used with 1D barcodes, improving flexibility.

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