The Problem with Cookie Cutter Sales Team Training Programs

Finding sales team training programs is not difficult; a quick search on Google provides over 478 million results to consider. However, many of these results only provide pre-packaged sales team training programs that provide minimal and often short-lived guidance and support.

Many businesses invest in these types of training programs because they are in a hurry to address an immediate shortfall or deficits in their current sales performance.

Unfortunately, there are several problems inherent in these types of training options and being able to recognize and avoid them can help your business optimize results and value. Those problems include:

One Size Fits All

Pre-packaged and mass-marketed sales team training courses are designed to address sales basics across the board. In other words, they deal with the foundational elements of sales.

Most sales teams are not uniform when it comes to experience and while these types of trainings try to include something for all levels, they typically fall far short of the mark. Companies end up wasting their professional development budget on programs that offer limited benefits to either new or senior sales professionals.

Lack of Specifics

Pre-packaged sales team training programs are geared to cover all types of sales. While there are basic sales strategies, every business and every team is unique and has its own set of needs and objectives.

Choosing a training program for your sales team that includes personalized and tailored content will always be your best option. It not only provides optimal ROI, but it also results in meaningful, positive changes in your sales results.

The Sales Coaching Institute provides customized sales team training programs to meet your goals. Contact them today!

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