Top Reasons To Use Hard Chrome Plating

For all types of applications in the aerospace, military, defense, medical and commercial OEM parts manufacturing industries, the use of hard chrome plating offers a variety of advantages and benefits.

Understanding the reasons this is a cost-effective, practical and efficient option starts with understanding just why it is so commonly used. Specialized companies offering this type of plating will be able to provide specific information on your parts or components.

It is important to keep in mind that this process can be completed on large parts or tiny parts, all are good candidates for this plating method. It can be used on a range of alloys as well as stainless steel, cast iron, bronze, copper, brass and steel.

Resists Wear

One of the main reasons that hard chrome plating is used by OEM companies is that the plated parts have higher levels of resistance to wear. This may also be called abrasion resistance, and it is important with any part exposed to friction.

With the hard chrome on the surface, the wear and tear will be greatly reduced. It provides more protection for longer periods of time than either nickel plated parts or when using hardened steel parts.

This also means that parts continue to look like new for longer. This is important as marketing and sales feature as OEM companies don’t want parts to break down in equipment or machines and create a negative branding problem.

Protects Against Corrosion

Even with stainless steel, the addition of hard chrome plating adds additional protection for the surface of the metal. This becomes even more critical for other metals and alloys that are more prone to corrosion and rusting even in mild to moderate types of environments.

For parts or equipment used in harsh environmental conditions or the in the presence of chemicals, water or other corrosive materials this protection will extend the life of the part while also decreasing downtime for repairs.

Prevents Seizing

The use of hard chrome as the plating option can be designed to help increase the ability to of the surface to hold lubricant. This is essential for equipment that is operated with high amounts of friction and pressure.

With the use of the hard chrome as plating in this application, the porousness of the surface traps the oil or grease, preventing components from seizing and limiting the need to service equipment that is always in use or components that are difficult to access.

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