Can Aluminum Be Powder Coated?

Yes, aluminum can be powder coated, and the right powder coating company will ensure high-quality results. Aluminum is one of the most sustainable and lightest materials in the construction world. It is commonly used for aesthetic design because it is strong, flexible, and easily malleable. Aluminum also weighs much less than both steel and glass.

Additionally, aluminum surfaces are usually preferred because of the aluminum oxide layer on them. Powder coating provides aluminum products with a protective layer that is durable and the coating can be customized to match any preference regarding color, thickness, and texture.

The Process of Powder Coating Aluminum

The process of powder coating aluminum is straightforward. A powder coating company starts a consultation with the client and talks about the specifications that the client requires. The company explains its capabilities and the options available to the clients. Once that is understood and discussed, the professionals of the company draw up a cost-effective solution that meets the client’s needs.

First off in the process is blasting the surface. This is when the surface of the aluminum that is to be coated is blasted with abrasives that remove debris and other layers to get the best results.

Then, pretreatment starts. This is the cleaning process of the surface. Any residue that remains will be cleaned for the application to be smooth. A seal to protect the aluminum is applied to protect it against corrosion.

Priming is next and this provides greater protection against the weather and the effects of time. Primer is mostly used for outdoor or exterior applications and it boosts the resilience and strength of the materials.

When the surfaces are blasted, pretreated, and primer is applied, it’s time for the coating. The color, texture, and millage of the coating powder are determined by the client. Usually, a good powder coating company can deliver large volumes of finished products with exceptionally low turnaround times.

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