Why Medical-Grade Skin Care Products Are Recommended By A Pro In Medical Dermatology in Chevy Chase, MD

It may be tempting to use over-the-counter products when it comes to skin care. This may be due to the lower cost or the ease of purchase because of their wide availability. Here are some reasons why it is actually better to use medical-grade skin care products.

1. The quality of the ingredients is far higher in medical-grade products than in ones of a lower grade. Medical-grade products are approved by the FDA, which means they can be manufactured with high concentrations of the active ingredients that get the job done. This is because the products have actually been through trials and been proven to be effective in a clinical setting. Over-the-counter products do not need to meet the required criteria and are not cleared by the FDA to verify their effectiveness. They may also use low-grade ingredients. Ask what ingredients should be used or looked for from a professional specializing in Medical Dermatology in Chevy Chase MD.

2. Most over-the-counter products merely treat the surface of the skin. When medical-grade products are used, the increased concentrations of the high-quality ingredients actually work to treat the skin below the surface, working on all layers. The potency helps to achieve the results that are being sought after.

3. Medical-grade skin care products are often peer-reviewed in medical journals. This is the ultimate test of credibility as they are bound to go through a rigorous review process by qualified medical professionals. The products can also be prescribed in custom regimens by someone experienced in Medical Dermatology in Chevy Chase MD. Over-the-counter products by their very nature cater to the widest consumer base possible to increase sales.

When the need for high-quality, medical-grade skin care products with proven results arises, contact. Intense or extremely bothersome dermatological problems require the advice and care that can only be found at a reputable and experienced clinic that is fully staffed with people that can meet the needs of the client in every situation. Do not settle for products that are commonly found in drugstores or dollar stores as these can be ineffective when trying to achieve the desired results.

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