Top Reasons To Take Your Pet To Vets In Honolulu

For many of us, our pets are an irreplaceable part of our family. Some of them have brought us joy and happiness for many years. For most of us taking care of our pet on a daily basis is easy, but when our pets become ill, it can be difficult to determine what is wrong with them. Luckily, there’s a few signs that you should be on the lookout for that may indicate that your pet needs to be evaluated by Vets Honolulu.

If your pet is having a difficult time breathing, you should get them to Vets Honolulu right away. This could be caused by several different things. Your pet could simply have an infection or have developed allergies. It is possible that they could be suffering from a more serious condition such as a tumor or a heart condition. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to determine what’s causing your pet to have a difficult time breathing on your own. You should also have your pet evaluated if they stop eating. Keep in mind that if your pet goes for more than 48 hours without eating, you should call your Vet.

Another reason to take your pet to Vests Honolulu is if they are vomiting. Of course, pets can vomit if they overeat or if they eat something that they shouldn’t, but if they are experiencing vomiting along with other symptoms, they need to be examined. When a pet experiences vomiting along with pain or a fever they are likely to have an infection and may require an antibiotic to get rid of the infection. If your pet has recently gained or lost an excessive amount of weight, they should be checked out by a Vet. A fluctuation in their weight could be caused by the type of food that you’re feeding them or the amount that they are eating. It can also be a sign of diabetes or a heat problem.

If your pet has been experiencing any of these symptoms or you’ve noticed that they just haven’t been acting like themselves, you should contact Vets Honolulu to have them evaluated. Unfortunately, our pets can’t tell us if they feel bad or if they are sick, so we have to use our best judgment when deciding to take them to the Vet. Plus, taking them to the Vet for a checkup will give you the peace of mind knowing that they are healthy.

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