Tips to Using osCommerce Templates

If you want to update your e-commerce store, there are several osCommerce templates to choose from. These will allow you to make changes that your customers would notice immediately, and will give your site the professional image that it needs to beat out the competition. If you’re interested in making these changes right away, here are a few tips to using these templates and getting the maximum productivity out of them.

Sales Pages

You can use the osCommerce templates to create special sales pages under certain categories. This can be helpful when you’re running sales for certain seasons or holidays. You can use these pages any way you choose, including making them available for only a limited time. If you’re not sure how to do this, you can always contact the technical support that is available with your premium e-commerce template. The system itself is user friendly, and within a few hours you could easily create these pages and have them up and running for the holidays.

Featured Products

Another popular feature among the osCommerce templates is the ability to set featured products. This can help you specify new items as they come in, and give you the ability to highlight them to customers. This could lead to increased sales, and an interest in a certain product line that you choose to feature. If you use this function, make sure the product pictures are high quality, as your featured products will be the spotlight of your website. By taking the time to learn how to use this function, you could drive sales up in certain categories that may be lacking in revenue.

Holiday Headers

During the holidays, visitors like to shop on websites that seem festive. With your osCommerce templates, you can change your header to match certain holidays and seasons. This will give your web site a fresh look, and make it feel more inviting when people land on your pages. This can be a simple fix, and you can always change it back once the holiday season is over with.

There are several ways to make beautiful changes to your website with these templates. Whether you’re looking to run a certain sale, or just want to improve the looks so that visitors will be more attracted to your site, you’re almost guaranteed to find a template to fit your style.


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