Different types of headphones

With the constant improvements in audio reproduction, a multitude of different headphones are available in the market, for many, buying the right pair for their own enjoyment is confusing. There are Beyerdynamic headphones that appeal to everyone depending on their unique requirements and taste; let’s have a look at what is available.

Ear cup:

Ear cup headphones, also called over-the-ear and around-the-ear are cushioned and encase the entire ear. The comfortable cushions are normally made from foam and covered in a variety of materials both manmade and natural.

A popular type of ear cup headsets is the noise cancelling type. These headphones are available using both passive and active technology. Those which are designated as passive use the ear cups to eliminate the sound. Active headphones are designed to emit a sound which cancels out the ambient noise. The active style of headphone has a battery which drives the sound cancelling, should the battery die, most of these simply revert to active until the battery is replaced.

The advantages of ear cup Beyerdynamic headphones are found in the total sound immersion and the comfort they give to the wearer. The drawback is the lack of true portability, they can be taken with you of course, but they don’t simply get tucked in your pocket as do ear buds.

In ear headphones:

In this category there are two definitive styles, one which have removable tips and one that does not. In ear headphones are actually inserted into the ear canal, they are designed to have flanges or tips which isolate the ambient noise from the wearer. The tips are made from a host of different materials which include silicone, memory foam and rubber.

Ear buds, another type of in-ear headphones do not have any flanges or removable tips; they simply rest in the outer part of the ear. These headphones are the least effective and are usually included with portable music players and smart phones.

Wireless headphones:

Wireless ear-cup headphones and in-ear headphones are available with different technologies. The common technologies are infrared, radio frequency, and Bluetooth. Each technology has different ranges and sound degradation.

Regardless of the type you finally find most suitable, the audio quality is excellent. The choice often boils down to where you listen to your music, at home or on the go.


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