How To Find Reliable Daniel Chapter 8 Commentary

revlogo1Many false preachers today will try to pick a verse from the Bible and preach to their congregation about what their personal interpretation of the verse means to them. The problem is, when it comes to the Bible, there is only one correct interpretation. There is only one way to define what the verse means because we were given the entire Bible as a reference to the scriptures. If you want to understand a verse, you must take it in the context in which it was given. This is exactly true if you are looking to study Daniel chapter 8 commentary. To understand this chapter, you must understand the context in which it was given.

First of all, to define the type of preaching that would describe a chapter and verse appropriately you need to listen to an expository preacher. This means that they will expose the verse instead of interpret. Going back to the original Greek and Hebrew languages is mandatory in order to understand what was going on during the time of the original writing or perhaps what was going on when it was interpreted.

With that being said, in order to get a deeper look into daniel chapter 8 commentary it is necessary to understand some basics such as who is the writer of Daniel, who was the main audience it was being written for, and what was going on historically. These again, are just the basics in order to understand the book. Greater details will emerge and more rabbit trails can be followed in order to really dissect such great Biblical texts.

In an effort to simply go over the basics, lets talk about the author. The author is Daniel himself. Daniel was probably around 15 years old when he was taken captive by the Babylonians. Because of who he was he was brought into the King’s royal court as an adviser in how to deal and convert his Jewish people into Babylonian culture. Daniel however, was never converted himself as his faith in God help him endure his 70 years in captivity.

The book of Daniel can be just as controversial when talking about Bible prophecy in the Old Testament as the book of Revelation is to the New Testament. Further dissection will give more information on the background, setting and prophecy in order to prepare adequate commentary on the book.

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