The Importance of Being Seen at Your Dental Office in Casa Grande, AZ for Tooth Pain

There are many different reasons that can cause pain in your teeth. Tooth pain is one of the most difficult types of pain to deal with because it is so hard to control. Though you could take over-the-counter pain medications, you are doing nothing more than masking the pain. To truly find the issue and have it treated, you need to make sure you are seen at your Dental Office in Casa Grande, AZ. Through dental treatment, you can find the root cause of your pain and get the relief you need.
What Causes Tooth Pain?

  • Cavities are often the prime culprit for tooth pain. When cavities first begin, they rarely cause any symptoms. Once a cavity has progressed, it will often affect the nerve and begin to cause pain. If the cavity is advanced, it can cause serious pain that can be very difficult to overcome. When you visit your dentist, he or she can fill your tooth, giving you the relief you need from the pain.
  • Infections are often a cause of tooth pain. When infections strike, they can become serious. Infections often begin in the gums and can then spread to the teeth. Once the infection has spread into the tooth, it becomes abscessed and you may experience pain, swelling in the jaw, fever and pus drainage. Abscessed teeth should be treated as soon as possible because the infection can spread to the heart and cause serious complications.
  • Some people have tooth injuries and do not even realize they do. These types of injuries often occur when the tooth stability has been compromised due to a decay. If you experience a tooth injury, it can leave your nerve exposed, causing severe pain. To stop the pain, you need to have the Dental Office in Casa Grande, AZ repair the damage as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing any type of tooth pain, it is imperative to contact the office of Robert Hankel and Chris Ehrbright D.D.S. They will be glad to care for your teeth and offer a variety of services to keep your smile healthy.

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