Tips on Transmission Repair in Murray

A car transmission is probably one of the most expensive parts. It’s also crucial in the normal functioning of the car and without which it would be as good as dead. Murray has well established auto repair experts that specialize in providing timely solutions to the needs of the client. Many car owners have drawn on the preventive approaches given to transmission repair in Murray to ensure that the ride is smooth and trouble-free. The common transmission problems include:

Fluid Leaks
Fluid leaks in the transmission are common problems that almost every car owner has experienced. The leaks result in low levels of the transmission fluid and are brought about by a faulty transmission system. A closer investigation will disclose a failure in the drive shaft or the seals. you should replace gasket seals occasional to prevent excessive damage to the transmission system as a result of overuse. A cross-contamination of the fluid and the coolant is a problem that may be spotted when there is a gear slippage.

Solenoid Problems
The flow of the fluid in the transmission is controlled by a solenoid. The solenoid mostly gets damaged when there are electronic mix-ups or inadequate fluid levels. This will be characterized by a slippery transmission as is the case with the fluid leaks problem.

Torque Converter Issues
Failure in the torque converters can give rise to several complications that end up in failure of the transmission to work as expected. When needle bearings are either damaged or worn out, strange noises are heard especially when the bearings are warmed up. This happens when the transmission is in the driving gears as the brushing or grinding sounds cannot be heard when the car is in a neutral state.

Clutch Complications
The clutch is situated somewhere within the torque converter. When it becomes jammed, it causes a blockage of the solenoid. As a result, the transmission fluid will not be calculated as required. Faulty clutches results in a shaky and violent vehicle in the underneath and there is production of high levels of heat in the transmission. Another symptom that can be used to diagnose this is a sudden drop in the engine’s power output.

Let Quick Lube, Inc., experts in all auto repairs have a look at the transmission of the car and identify and solve the problems that might be making it inefficient. Use them for reliable transmission repair in Murray.

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