Need a Furnace or Air Conditioning in Fort Wayne IN?

Has your furnace quit running in the middle of the night after a snowstorm and the repair truck can’t get through the snowed-in streets to your home to repair it? This has happened to just about everyone. If you have a maintenance agreement with Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning, life is so much easier and less complicated. Once a year, right on schedule, the phone will ring and an associate will ask you which day you would like them to come and clean your home’s heating and cooling equipment. You’ll realize such a huge annual savings since service calls are half off and customers receive double warranties simply for keeping their agreement up to date.

If you need a new water heater, furnace, new duct work, or Air Conditioning in Fort Wayne IN call one of the companies that offer exemplary customer service and is highly recommended for the quality of work they do. They educate customers on how to be a safer homeowner by keeping the area around the heater clear of any boxes, flammable chemicals, paints and other clutter. They’ll talk about carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and the symptoms of it, and that by having your furnace cleaned yearly, you’re keeping you, your family and pets safe.

Companies educate clients on the importance of smoke detectors, CO detectors and to make sure there are no parts of the furnace left open while it’s heating. Chimneys should also be inspected each year. They’ll explain how much fuel and energy can be saved when a furnace is cleaned automatically every year. Many people don’t understand how important having the right thermostat is to saving energy. A programmable thermostat can be set to lower the temperature when everyone is at school or work and then turn on automatically and warm the house before everyone arrives home for the evening.

Because the furnace hasn’t been constantly running all day, the home is safer, utility bills are lower and less fuel is consumed. Saving fuel also helps the environment. Saving fuel is going to help a homeowner’s budget. Winter is on the way. If you need a new furnace installed or a furnace cleaned, give one of the companies that installs furnaces and Air Conditioning in Fort Wayne IN a call for service today.

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