Come to the Garden Nursery in Norwalk CT that can Turn your Home into a Sanctuary.

Plants indoors and out, transform a house into a home. With beautiful landscaping and whimsical statuary, an average yard can be turned into an oasis. Inside your home, houseplants are living ornamentation that clean the air, and make your guests feel welcome. Fresh cut flowers brighten any room, and are guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone who receives them. The Gardeners Center And Florist should be your next point of destination, for any gardening or floral needs. With a knowledgeable staff, they can answer your questions or make suggestions. When you stroll through the garden center, surrounding shade tents and greenhouse, you will be in captivated and inspired.

After a long day at work, your family returns home to the sanctuary. Landscaping with a variety of plants both perennial and annual can create an outdoor living space. Whimsical statuary, bird baths and feeders encourage winged guests into your yard. You and your family will feel the tension melt away. The Nursery in Norwalk CT has a large assortment plants that will thrive in the sun or shade. They have perennials that return each year, and annuals for a continuous bloom of color all season. The knowledgeable staff can even help you acquire a plant they do not currently have in stock.

Inside your home, living plants create a welcoming atmosphere. Through the process of tending your indoor house plants, you create a space that is emits the feeling of loving care, your guests and family members will notice it. Orchids are the new must have houseplant. Easy to take care of, with blooms that can last up to a month, the beautiful flowers, suspended on a delicate stem will bring smiles to anyone that sees them. Along with creating a beautiful decoration and smiles, these plants are believed to help clean environmental toxins from the air in your home.

The Nursery in Norwalk CT has everything you need for your indoor and outdoor living spaces. From statuary, bird baths and feeders, to every size and shape of pottery they have it all. There are plants that will survive in any part of your yard or inside your home. If you need mulch, hoses or gardening gloves they have those too. Make The Gardeners Center and Florist shop in Norwalk, Connecticut the focus of your next outing.

Gardeners Center and Florist

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