Tips for making your own iron on T Shirt transfers

You have probably been on vacation and seen shops producing custom T Shirts on the spot. All you have to do is pick from the menu of designs they have, tell the operator your size and in ten minutes or less, custom shirt made with iron on T Shirt transfers.

It is possible to go one better than this, you can easily make your own unique and genuinely custom T Shirt using the same process as the shop. And there is no need to stop with T Shirts; you can just as easily personalize any fabric item such as your back pack or jacket.

It is possible to buy complete kits that have everything you need except the art, but it is just as easy to buy the paper and shirt and everything should already be available at home. Over and above the transfer paper and shirt or other fabric item, you will need a computer, printer, an iron and a pillow case or any other piece of fabric to do the pressing on.

A few tips from experience:

When you read the instructions that are included with the transfer paper you will note that the iron should be hot, very hot. They are not kidding here; the manufacturers mean what they say. Cotton is the setting to use.

  • Preview: The transfer paper is far from cheap so you want to make sure that the image you want to print is exactly what you want. Make sure you print a preview first on plain bond paper. In this way you can assure that the colors are what you wanted and the image will fit on the transfer.
  • The right paper: There is paper for iron on T Shirt transfers that is suitable for laser printers and ink jet printers. The paper is different so make sure you have the correct stock. There is also transfer paper for use on white shirts and other for colored shirts.
  • The right side: The transfer paper has a grid on one side and is plain on the other; make sure you print on the white side, not the grid.
  • Hard surface: Don’t use an ironing board, it’s too soft. Use the counter top in the kitchen. Smooth the pillow case and iron it, place your shirt on it, smooth it well before applying the transfer.

Place your image on the shirt and press the hot iron on real hard, hold the iron on the image for about 20 seconds and lift it straight off, do not slide the iron.

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