CDL Schools in Chicago Prepare Illinois Residents for Safe, Rewarding Careers

Those responsible for ensuring the safety of our roads and highways quite naturally take a great interest in commercial drivers. Even just by virtue of the miles that these professionals often cover, they have more opportunity to be involved in accidents than other drivers who remain on the roads for a fraction as long. Couple this with the fact that commercial drivers are often piloting vehicles which weigh many times as much as the cars and consumer-grade trucks they share the roads with, and the need to carefully vet and regulate these drivers becomes clear. CDL schools in Chicago do a diligent, effective job of preparing these drivers to safely roam our highways.

Commercial driver’s licenses are issued by individual states, and every one has its own specific requirements for the obtaining of a commercial driver’s license, although all of these must meet federal requirements as well. These federal rules classify commercial vehicles into three classes of increasing weight and carrying capacity, and Illinois issues licenses appropriate for each of these, with the highest-level license entitling drivers to command vehicles of any class.

Most of those attending CDL schools in Chicago, then, seek this Class A license, as it will afford the greatest opportunity for employment after obtaining it. In order to qualify for such a license, a student must have a thoroughly clean driving record and pass a rigorous physical examination. If a student hopes to drive across state boundaries, he must be at least 21 years of age as well, and possibly comply with further federal requirements.

The actual training at a program like the ones offered by Star Truck Driving School will involve a combination of classroom education and hands-on experience. Most students seek endorsements beyond the basic license itself, as these will qualify them for hauling particular sorts of loads and, again, increase the options they have upon acquiring them. In addition to the basics of safely driving and maintaining heavy trucks, then, many students will also learn about such option subjects as dealing with hazardous materials, driving school buses, or pulling double trailers. Good schools ensure that their graduates will be able to put their new-found skills to work quickly, by providing job placement services which smooth the way into the fleets of local companies.

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