Tips For Finding A Honolulu Mover and To Make Your Move Go Smoothly

Preparing to start a new life in another are can be exciting, but the actual moving part can be stressful. Planning ahead of time can help take the stress out and help make it go a great deal smoother. Starting ahead of time will help a great deal. Following are some tips to make your move go as easy as possible.


Don’t wait until the last minute to obtain a mover, even if you have a simple 2-bedroom apartment. Movers in Honolulu book up early, so call around and start arranging quotes ahead of time. Don’t trust a company who offers you a quote over the phone, as it will not be binding. Instead, the company should come out to your location and inspect your belongings, before giving you a quote in writing. This is the only way they can accurately access how much it could possibly cost for them to move your items.


Yes, buy your boxes, don’t depend on liquor stores or grocery stores throw aways to get boxes for your move. Those boxes have been used and the integrity of them have damaged. That’s not to say they can’t tote some things, but you surely wouldn’t want to trust your good china to a box that’s previously held lettuce. Instead, go to a storage store or call a box store and order a supply of small and medium boxes. Medium boxes are the most popular, but you’ll need small ones to hold books, CDs and DVDs. While you can use your towels and sheets to help wrap some of your belongings in, you’ll want to also to purchase tissue paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, tape guns and markers.


Pick a room to act as a staging area, an out of the way area where you can start packing things away in ahead of time. In your spare time, pack boxes and put them in there. When the Movers in Honolulu come, the walls in this room can be stacked to the ceiling with boxes and all the movers have to do is load the hand trucks up with boxes and load them on the trucks.

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