Three Types of Equipment Commonly Used for Rigging in Dallas

Moving and setting up large pieces of equipment is oftentimes very challenging work. Safety and reliability must be ensured at all times, lest human beings suffer injuries or expensive assets end up being damaged. Experts at Rigging in Dallas like those at DFW Movers and Erectors Inc. have many tools at their disposal that allow them to achieve these goals and others.

A Specialized Skill That Can Be Invaluable in Certain Situations

Centuries ago, the most advanced and specialized knowledge found among the crew members of oceangoing ships concerned how to rig and maintain towering sails and supporting structures. Today, specialists at Rigging in Dallas utilize many of the same kinds of approaches, equipment, and tools to accomplish notably different results. Some of the kinds of equipment and accessories that are most often used in rigging projects include:

  • Steel cable. Various types of steel embody frequently appealing blends of strength, resilience, and affordability. When long, thin strands of steel wire are braided together and fastened tight, they can create cables and ropes that are extremely useful for rigging. Many rigging setups will include dozens of stretches of steel cable that are used to raise, hold, or secure particular parts of the machinery to be moved or erected. Steel cable must be checked regularly for deterioration and other problems to ensure that it will never fail unexpectedly.
  • Clevis joints. It will often be helpful to be able to quickly attach and detach particular elements of a carefully designed system of rigging. Shackle-based, three-piece fasteners known as clevis are frequently used for this purpose. With a solid bolt or thick metal pin bearing the weight of the dependent load, a useful combination of easy setup and considerable strength results.
  • Block and tackle. In many cases, the most critical moments in a rigging project happen when heavy loads need to be lifted. Oftentimes, this will be enabled through the use of block and tackle systems that provide mechanical leverage and improved control.

Moving and Setting Up Machinery All Over Dallas

Using equipment and supplies like these can make it possible to safely accomplish truly impressive things when it comes to transporting or erecting machinery. Experts at rigging throughout the area also have many other tools at their disposal.

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