Tips for Comfortable Dentures in Locust Valley, NY

For many denture wearers it is extremely hard to find continuous comfort while wearing a full set. Common issues such as sore gums, a loose fit, bad breath and problems chewing can make wearing dentures one of the most uncomfortable experiences. The following are some simple tips for having comfortable Dentures in Locust Valley, NY.

Wear Denture Liners – Denture liners, also known as denture cushions, offer a new approach for denture comfort. The liners, not to be confused with denture lining, works temporarily to create a vacuum seal between the upper plate of your mouth and you dentures without creams or powders. The vacuum seal gives dentures proper support, stability and retention that make them exceedingly comfortable.

Treat Dry Mouth – Dry mouth is a factor that greatly contributes to denture discomfort. A naturally well-lubricated mouth helps dentures to stay in place, while also preventing bad breath and mouth soreness. If you wear dentures and suffer with dry mouth, ensure that you stay well hydrated and avoid liquids that dehydrate the body such as alcohol and caffeine. Ask your dentist about specially formulated mouthwashes, mouth sprays and other oral care products designed for dry mouth sufferers.

Use Denture Adhesive – Denture adhesives, which keep dentures firmly in place, helps to make the wearer more comfortable in general and particularly while eating. It is important to note that adhesives only help to increase the comfort of dentures that already fit well. For ill-fitting and generally uncomfortable dentures, adding adhesive has little to no positive effects.

Have Your Dentures Adjusted – For the highest comfort level, it is important to have your dentures adjusted periodically. This is because the structure of your gums and the bones in your mouth can change over time. While this movement typically goes unnoticed on a daily basis, as time progresses it can dramatically change the way your dentures feel and fit. Solve this problem by consulting with your dentist who specializes in dentures in Locust Valley, NY. They will adjust or replace ill-fitting dentures as necessary.

Use these simple tips for comfortable Dentures in Locust Valley, NY. Do not live with agony of uncomfortable dentures for one moment longer than you have to. Consult with a dental professional such as those in the Locust Valley Dental Group to have your dentures examined and then adjusted for maximum comfor

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