Determining the Need for Personal Injury Attorneys in Long Island NY

Every injury case is different, and not every case requires the assistance of an attorney. Before you hire, ask yourself the three questions below.

Was my injury serious? Most hiring decisions come down to the severity of the victim’s injuries. Insurers divide injuries into two categories: soft and hard. Soft injuries are those such as bruised muscles, sprains and strains, and hard injuries like broken bones, limb loss and head trauma can have long-lasting impacts. As the severity of an injury increases, in most cases, so does the size of the insurance settlement.

Soft injuries don’t typically carry a high recovery potential because of their shorter impact, and legal representation in these cases is often cost prohibitive. Attorneys take up to 1/3 of the total settlement, and because soft injury settlements are typically less substantial, your settlement amount won’t increase.

Did I get a low offer? Insurers are in the business to make a profit, and typically give low settlement offers in personal injury claims. To determine if your settlement offer is low, you and your lawyer should calculate the worth of your claim. Many are uncomfortable negotiating with insurance companies, and in these cases,

Personal Injury Attorneys In Long Island NY

can help you get the settlement you truly deserve.

Is it worth my time and energy? Personal injury cases are very time consuming, and can last anywhere from months to several years. During your case, you’ll spend months gathering medical information, meeting with your attorney, and assembling documentation of your injuries. The process of gathering this information can be mentally and emotionally draining, and a lawyer can help you keep your focus on assembling a solid case.

Personal injury cases can have lifelong consequences, and the decision to hire Personal Injury Attorneys Long Island NY will depend on your case’s circumstances. Less-severe injuries may not turn into valid claims. However, if you were severely injured or you received a low offer from the insurance company, you should definitely hire a personal injury lawyer.

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