Tips for Choosing a Wedding Bouquet in Ankeny

A woman’s wedding day is a day she will never forget. This once in a lifetime opportunity allows full focus to be on her. Aside from the wedding dress, the bouquet is the most important aspect of the wedding. Choosing the right flowers, colors and size are crucial since all eyes will be on the bride. Since there is such a wide variety of flower choices, it can help to work with a professional florist to design a Bouquet in Ankeny. Using these helpful tips can make the process easier.

1. If at all possible, brides should choose their dress before they make their flower choices. A beautiful bouquet should accent the dress and not hide important aspects of the silhouette. When meeting with the floral designer, it is important to bring in a picture of the dress so the designer can create a bouquet that will perfectly accent the flow of the material.

2. The size of a bouquet is important. While a large, trailing bouquet is beautiful, this may hide important details on the skirt area of the bridal gown. Flowing bouquets work to perfectly balance the look of the bride when there is a flowing train in the back of the gown.

3. Before choosing flowers for a bouquet, it is important to know when the wedding will be held. The time of year can greatly affect what flower choices are available. This will allow the florist to inform the bride of her options, so she doesn’t choose a flower and later find out it is not available.

4. If there are certain flowers that have important meaning to the bride and groom, it can be special to include these in the Bouquet in Ankeny. Sentiment is just as important as the design and can allow for fond memories.

If you are planning your special day, choosing the right flowers for your bouquet is important. Allow Boesen The Florist to help design the perfect bouquet for your wedding. With beautiful flower combinations, your bouquet will be the centerpiece of the wedding. Contact them today to get started on the design process.



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