The causes of roof damage

Of all the major elements that go into the construction of a house perhaps the most important is the roof. You can live in a house that has a minor leak in the basement or a broken window but nothing can cause more damage, faster, than a leaking roof. The contractors who do roof repair in Jacksonville have seen it all, what follows are a few of the reasons why roofs get damaged.

• Poor construction: It comes as no surprise to anyone that the construction industry has fallen on rather hard times over the last few years and as a result there are contractors that are forced to cut a few corners to get business. As a roof is partially hidden from the homeowner it is quite easy to use less than the best materials and to use unskilled contract labor. A contractor who is faced with having to cut a few corners can do such things as use two ply rather than four ply roofing felt, it works but before long the roof will begin to leak.

• Normal aging: On the day the roofer puts his ladder back on the truck the roof begins to age. Asphalt shingles which are by far the most popular roofing material can last up to 20 or 25 years but his does not mean that roof repair in Jacksonville will not be necessary before the warranty is up. The weather is the worst enemy of any roof; the roof is subjected to high winds, pelting rains, expansion and contraction and normal aging. As even the best roofing materials age they become brittle and the constant abuse is enough to cause a leak.

• Building settles: Every building sinks, the only question is, “how much?” Some buildings will settle much more than others, it depends very much on the soil the home is built on. If the house has been constructed on reclaimed land the settlement may be significant and as it settles there is no way of predicting how the structure will react, a roof leak is often the result.

• Mechanical damage: You may ask “how can mechanical damage happen to a roof?” many people use their roof for other purposes than to just keep the rain out, they mount air conditioners on the roof as well as ham radio antennas and satellite TV dishes. These things add weight to the roof and over time can cause damage.

There are numerous reasons why a roof may fail and begin to leak and when it happens you need to hire a qualified contractor to make proper repairs.

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