Tips For Buying AR Handguards

When a lot of people think of an AR weapon, the first thing they think of are those tactical looking AR15 weapons they see other gun owners using at the range or that they have seen on movies and television shows.

These are not typically the handguards that come with the weapon; rather they are specific handguards chosen from the many different varieties, options and manufacturers of “aftermarket” AR-15 components. These are designed to give a particular look to the weapon, including making it more tactical looking, perhaps more military, beefier or more streamlined or just all together a lot more personalized.

However, more than just the look, the right choice of AR handguards will also help you to add the various accessories to your weapon or limit what you can add. Once you choose a handguard you will have to be aware of the type and style when buying your accessories to ensure full compatibility.

What Accessories?

If you are new to owning an AR or new to the idea of customizing your weapon, you need to consider the accessories before you choose the handguard. By doing it this way, you leave yourself open to more possibilities rather than narrowing down your further customization options.

Type of Shooting

Choosing AR handguards should also be done after thinking about the type of shooting you are most likely to do most of the time. Some handguards will add weight to the gun, which means more to carry with you if you are using it for hunting. Walking through the bush all day typically requires the lightest load possible, so not adding weight will be important.

If you do a lot of target practice, you may want to consider the AR handguards to provide the most heat resistance. The drop-in style of handguards are lightweight and provide top heat resistance, making them a good option for all-purpose use.

On the other extreme, the free floating handguards offer a bit less heat resistance, but they also come in a wider variety of colors and lengths, adding to the look of the weapon. Additionally, these types of handguards can also help improve accuracy, which may be a critical factor for competitive shooters and hunters to consider.

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