How to Pick a Non-Denominational Officiant

Not every wedding ceremony has to be religious. If you and your partner aren’t particularly devout or even have one, then a non-religious ceremony will fit the bill much, much better. In lieu of that, though, finding a non-denominational officiant is sure to go on top of your list. Here are a few tips to help you pick the best one:

Go with a justice of the peace

You can go for secular officiants, which typically include a justice of the peace. This is even more convenient if you plan to tie the knot at city hall. Just call ahead and set an appointment with the local county clerk’s office, says Offbeat Bride. Make sure you know if there’s a waiting time and how long it’ll be so you can manage your schedule better.

Pick a family member

Ever dreamed of getting married by your best friend? Depending on legal requirements, your friend or family member can officiate the wedding and make your dream come true. However, your officiant will need to comply with state rules on how to legally solemnize the marriage. This can add a bit of stress, though, so be sure it’s something your friend or family member is willing to do.

Opt for a professional officiant

In plenty of cases, hiring an official non-denominational officiant makes for a much better choice. A pro can guide you through the steps, help you fill up your marriage license properly and give you pointers and suggestions to make everything go smooth and easy. If you want convenience and little to minimum stress about the ceremony, then go for a professional. That way, you’ll have someone to help you through the steps and make your day even more special.


So get help. Choose the right officiant for your non-religious ceremony for a great start.