Handy Guide to Your Courthouse Wedding

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Weddings

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Church weddings often come with a ton of stress and costs. You can easily avoid all that, though, when you opt for a courthouse wedding. Here’s how to pull that off:


The importance of proper research can’t be overstated. While you have less on your plate, you’ll still need to plan a lot of things ahead. So make sure you’ve got the details figured out.

Get your marriage license

Don’t go to the courthouse without your marriage license. You’ll need to book another appointment after the ceremony before you can actually get this. Some states allow couples to set this up within 90 days, though, says Refinery 29, so check if yours does too.

Know operating times

A courthouse wedding is usually done in the mornings or afternoons. So if you plan to celebrate with a party—and you should—at your favorite restaurant, check their operating hours. If they don’t open their doors until late in the evening, and your wedding is scheduled in the morning, then make arrangements elsewhere.

Invite your friends and family

You’ll need a witness to make things all nice and official. So get a few of your closest friends and family to come with you and watch you say your vows and sign the marriage certificate. Witnesses need to be over 18 years old though, so keep that in mind. Also, in some states, you’re only allowed to bring along a certain number of witnesses so make them count.

Be ready

Don’t be late. Arrive ahead of schedule so you’d have time to prepare if you need it. Get there fully dressed too since you might not find room at the courthouse to fix your makeup or don your gown.

Shop for a wedding package

If you have little time to handle the preparations yourself, opt for a wedding package instead. You’ll have a much better time at your own wedding if you aren’t exhausted and stressed.

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