Things To Do Before You Enroll In A Community College Or Technical School

If you plan on furthering your education, make sure you know exactly what you are letting yourself in for. This is true whether it is a community college or technical school. If you plan on enrolling in New York State, always make sure you check out all aspects of the colleges NYC has to offer. Be thorough in your research. This is your future we are talking about. Look carefully at each of the colleges and schools under the headings below before you make your decision.


What types of programs does the school offer? Do they offer what you are interested in? More importantly, are they career-based or job-focused?


What kind of reputation does the school and the program you are interested in have? You need to look at several different factors when you research this area. You must look at the school and find out the following:

1. Is it accredited? This is the responsibility of private education associations or agencies. They evaluate the school and its programs before granting accreditation. Find out what body is granting the accreditation. Once you know this, talk to someone in the field or your guidance instructor about the validity and worth of the school’s accreditation

2. Is the school licensed? State agencies are in control of licensing state facilities in NYC and throughout the state. The body responsible for the licensing will vary in accordance with the content and purpose of the course.

3. Who do they have on staff? If the teachers and other members of the staff of these colleges have a reputation in their area, it is a good indicator the course is respected outside the school

You must also look at the specific program and learn:

1. How many students enroll

2. How many students graduate from the course

3. How many graduates find employment in their field after leaving college

Since these aspects factor into the opinion of the different colleges by the outside world, they will give you some indication about the reputation of the school.


No matter how learned the teachers may be or how great the course, it is always important to have up-dated equipment and the latest technology. In certain fields, this is not an extra, it is essential. If, for example, you are taking auto mechanics or graphic design, if the colleges you look at do not have updated tools for you to work with, you will not be prepared for employment when you graduate.

These are the very basics before you even look into the question of enrolment more seriously. You still need to consider such things as financial help, transportation, course format and the all-important tuition costs. Yet, by investigating these aspects of several colleges in NYC, you can increase your awareness and take a step closer to making an informed decision.

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