Some advantages to wood plastic deck boards

Most people build a deck for similar reasons – to entertain guests, for a garden/landscape or to compliment their home. The common ground to every situation is aesthetics. ‘Wood plastic deck boards’, otherwise known as composite deck boards, are a timber alternative to decking using recycled materials such as sawdust and post consumer plastic. This system of decking not only looks great, but also has some pretty fantastic advantages over traditional timber decking.

1. No Painting

Wood plastic deck boards don’t require painting, ever. Generally these deck boards will come in a range of colour options, however if you wish to paint the deck a particular colour then you can do so without worrying about wear and tear. The paint doesn’t penetrate the surface of wood plastic deck boards as it does timber.

2. No Splitting

Composite decking doesn’t split. Over time, you’ll notice that timber decks split because of wear and tear. This is especially the case if you have children or entertain on your deck frequently. Wood plastic deck boards have longevity and durability. The worst thing in the world is getting splinters stuck in your feet or toes. Actually, even worse, your children’s feet or toes!

3. No Fading

Plastic Wood Decking doesn’t fade over time. Timber decking can fade, especially if it is painted and exposed to nasty weather conditions. This can really reduce the aesthetic appearance of your backyard or outdoors area, and this is something I’m sure you want to avoid at all times. Composite deck boards are constructed from materials that withstand hot weather conditions and won’t cause that faded and uneven appearance to the deck.

4. No Rot

Composite decking doesn’t rot, at all. Insects and parasites can often burry their way into wood, leaving it weakened, infested and useless. This is not only a severe nuisance but can have negative affects to your garden if your deck’s built around plantations and soil. You can’t really stop rot from happening with timber decking; even with treated wood you’ll still see signs of rot over time. There’s nothing worse than holes and cracks in your deck – you don’t get this with wood plastic deck boards!

Overall, particularly for aesthetics and longevity, using an alternative method to building a deck with wood plastic boards is your best option.

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