Improve Your Driveway, Patio or Yard With Concrete Canton MI

Curb appeal is one of the most important features of your lawn and a broken sidewalk, driveway or walkway can quickly make your property look haggard and run down. These are not usually projects that the average homeowner can tackle because pouring concrete can be difficult. It takes special forms to hold the concrete while it cures and specific equipment to give it the correct finish so the surface has the right traction and drains properly. Consider the broken or cracked driveway that you park on every day. Every time you drive the car over that broken slab you allow it to shift a little more and push away the underlying soil foundation. The sooner you get that problem repaired the better off your new drive will be.

One of the most important features in any yard is a Concrete Canton MI patio. A new patio is the perfect place for family gatherings, outdoor barbecues or simply lounging away the afternoon. Of course, you can’t take advantage of this luxury until you spend a little time and prepare your back yard for the patio of your dreams. A little planning goes a long way here. For instance, should the patio run the length of the home or does it need to be square and on one side? One way to determine where to place your new patio is to use a tape measure and layout the area with stakes. This will give you a visualization of the space the new slab will use.

Another useful function for Concrete Canton MI is the application of retaining walls or structural hardscapes in the lawn. This is the perfect solution for shoring up low embankments, changing the various elevations of the lawn or segregating different areas. Of course, not all retaining walls are made from concrete. Some can be built from stone, blocks and many other materials. You can enhance the lawn with walkways made from pavers, frame the flower beds or even control the drainage off the house. The designs you can create are limited only by the imagination and you can learn more by contacting Olson Cement Work & Construction.

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