The Increase in Clinics Providing Urgent Care in Middleburg FL Is Advantageous for Several Reasons

Decades ago, Urgent Care in Middleburg FL outside of a hospital emergency room was not a common offering for patients. That situation has changed dramatically in recent years as more urgent care clinics have been established along with expanded hours for these facilities. Sometimes, a primary care clinic offers urgent care outside of normal business hours for patients who were unable to make it in before 5:00 p.m.

Urgent Care in Middleburg FL is not intended to handle life-threatening emergencies like a heart attack or serious injuries from a car accident. Instead, doctors and health care practitioners with credentials allowing them to provide medical attention treat patients for a variety of problems that should be attended to relatively quickly. The clinics also offer a way for patients to receive a professional diagnosis and treatment if they would otherwise have to miss work or school to come during regular business hours. In addition, many patients cannot see their primary care doctor without setting an appointment ahead of time, and that isn’t always a good solution when a health problem comes up suddenly.

These clinics can be particularly important in inner cities and in poorer rural environments where the shortage of family practice doctors is even more pronounced than it is elsewhere. However, even in a relatively wealthy region like Middleburg FL, urgent care facilities are increasingly in demand. In addition, these clinics ease the burden on emergency departments. A patient with an earache, for instance, can typically be seen much more quickly at a clinic such as Avecina Medical than in a hospital emergency room where people in serious medical conditions need fast attention.

Doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants can provide treatment for a broad range of ailments in urgent care. Cleaning a puncture wound and providing an injection to prevent a tetanus infection for example. Without an after-hours clinic, patients would need to head to an emergency room for help. A person who has developed a urinary tract infection may not want to wait until morning or until the weekend is over to receive treatment. Visit Avecina Medical to learn more about this health care facility.

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