4 Things to Consider When Looking at Software for Patient Case Management

When a practice considers a patient case management software, the cost is critical, but so are many other factors. Here are the top four things to compare when researching this management tool.


Will the information be stored in the cloud? Cloud based patient case management software is convenient because staff can access it from anywhere, and it can couple with a variety of devices and brands, such as Apple and Android. This type of storage can be more secure than server models.

Being in the cloud will mean mobile access, but the entry points should be ultra-secure. Many systems use multiple layers of security, and some companies have dedicated IT teams to monitor and update these layers.


The software needs to be user-friendly so that almost anyone can quickly learn how to navigate through it. A point-and-click setup will make repetitive work quicker. A prominent notation area will help staff, and it should be searchable.

The manager, director, or lead can control user access. Adding and removing people should be straightforward, and the task should have administrative protection.


Many businesses will need to integrate existing data. Once completed, you should have a seamless flow of data. There may be markers to note when information was added and from what source. With those details, you can always resort to the original if necessary.


A patient case management software should come with IT support. When investigating your options, find out how you should reach out to them. It may be thru a chatbox, phone call, or email.

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