What Questions To Expect From Medical Marijuana Doctors In Jacksonville, FL

To obtain a state MMJ card to legally purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary in Jacksonville, FL, patients must first schedule an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor. These medical marijuana doctors have completed state-required training. They are the only medical professionals in the state that can make a recommendation for the use of medical marijuana by a patient.

Complete the Online Pre-Qualification Form

Patients in Jacksonville, FL, complete an online pre-qualification form. This allows medical marijuana doctors to see if the patient has one or more medical or psychological conditions. In Florida, as in many other states, MMJ doctors can also make a diagnosis and recommendation for “other medical conditions of the same class”.

Patients will also have to provide requested medical records prior to their appointment. These records typically are provided 24 to 48 hours in advance of the appointment or before.

The Appointment

During the initial appointment, medical marijuana doctors review the records and ask patients questions about their past treatments, the effect of the treatment, and their current medical and psychological conditions. This helps the medical marijuana doctor to determine if medical marijuana is indicated for use by the patient.

The medical marijuana doctor will also ask about other medications the patient is taking. It is critical to provide information on all medications as, although uncommon, there can be medicine interactions between medical marijuana and some types of prescription medications.

The medical marijuana doctor is also there to answer your questions. When you leave, you will have the information you need to visit the dispensary after you have completed the steps to obtain your Florida medical marijuana card.