The Benefits of Purchasing Designer Eyeglasses in NYC

If you are considering new eyeglasses in NYC, you may wonder about the high prices of designer options and if they are really beneficial and better than the regular options. Many times, people consider that “designer” means the frames. While this is partly true, designer options can also include optional coatings that will make your eyes focus better in different situations.

Designer Frames

A designer frame is simply a frame that was created and manufactured by a particular company. In essence, you are paying extra for the name to be placed on the glasses. However, many designer companies offer frames that have more stability. For example, one individual company offers frames that can literally be twisted and bent without doing harm to the fit or the frame itself. These frames work extremely well in NYC, for anyone who tends to lose their glasses or drop them out of pockets when not in use.

People tend to be rough with their eyeglasses and sunglasses, especially when they aren’t in use very often. If you have prescription reading or sunglasses, you may only wear them periodically during the day. Having specialty designer options may reduce the stress placed on the frames, making them last longer.

Designer Options for Eyeglasses

There are many options available for eyeglasses. For example, there are many lens materials available, including plastic and glass. Anti-reflective coating can be put onto the lens to reduce the amount of glare and there are also anti-scratch coatings available. These options usually cost extra, but may be needed depending on how you will use the glasses.

Options for Sunglasses

Some designer options for sunglasses include polarization. They tend to look like regular sunglasses, or may have a slightly blue lens. These sunglasses offer reduced glare from water, glass and snow and are used mainly by boaters, skiers and the like. However, anyone who wishes to reduce the glare of the sun can use these polarized sunglasses.

They can effectively reduce the amount of eye strain a person has while driving, walking or performing any number of outdoor sports in the sun.

Another option for sunglasses is to have prescription glasses that turn into sunglasses when the light is bright. These are called “Transitions” and work really well for many people. However, if you are constantly going in and out, you may want to choose separate options as it can take a few moments for the transition to occur.

If you are interested in designer eyeglasses in NYC, then consider Charlotte Jones Opticians today.

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