5 Top Medical Carts for Busy Facilities

Medical rolling carts are an indispensable necessity for health care operations. The available styles and specialized options have come a long way since they were first introduced to the medical world. Today’s mobile medical carts come with powerful batteries, computers, storage drawers and more. They can be customized in a myriad of ways to suit the assortment of specific needs of any medical facility. Just as different types of facilities require different types of medical carts, the overall business volume also affects what types of rolling medical carts are best. Let’s take a look at the top five medical carts for busy facilities.

  1. Point of Care Carts

This first type of medical utility cart is the lynchpin of any successful healthcare organization. This dynamic cart meets all the immediate, basic needs any clinician would need for treating patients. Whether fitted with a laptop to access patient data, keeping necessary supplies on hand in storage drawers or utilizing the powerful battery to hook up tools such as bar code scanners or wristband printers, this cart can help practitioners perform primary functions with ease.

Dual Display Carts

As the name suggests, this medical computer cart has two computer display screens, making them an excellent tool for increasing efficiency. Users can see more information at a glance, which saves time and ensures more accurate data intake. This mobile workstation makes it easy to analyze test results, contrast and compare information or enter patient details in real time. Such time saving tactics are very beneficial for busy practices.

Surgical Case Carts

These types of rolling medical supply carts are meant to store items in a safe, yet quickly accessible, manner. These carts have lockable drawers to ensure supplies are at hand but still safe from unauthorized persons. The size and number of drawers can be easily customized. And there are various lock options available as well, from the traditional key to key codes to electric fobs, just to name a few. Safety in the workplace is a high priority in medical facilities so lockable drawers are an especially useful feature when you have a lot of people coming and going through a bustling workplace.

Medical Chart Carts

This type of mobile medical cart is a great way to keep patient files organized and accessible. They can be configured with shelves and dividers to hold individual file folders, or binders of information, with ease. Keeping patient files in a cart on wheels makes it easy for personnel in a busy environment to access what they need promptly. In this digital age, it is also possible to combine shelves for storing hard files with a medical laptop cart that can be used specifically for digital file storage; everything a busy office might need right at their fingertips.

Refurbished Medical Carts

This last category encompasses many styles of medical carts. But it is worth including because medical facilities spend a lot of money to have the latest cart technology. But technology is constantly improving at an ever-faster pace. This option for retrofitting used medical carts means saving money and at the same time customizing outdated carts to get exactly what you need. Plus, it is an environmentally friendly way to stay on top of such an essential organizational tool.

There is no doubt that medical rolling carts play a vital role in not only the organization of health care facilities but in the distribution of necessary supplies and the gathering of important patient data. Having quick and safe access to all sorts of medical machines, data, tools and supplies makes it easier and faster for employees to do their jobs well. There are many great options out there, and every company should assess their individual needs to find the carts that best fit. But these five types of medical rolling carts are the backbone of any strong practice.

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