Seniors and Depression

Anyone, at any age, can suffer from depression; however, it is a relatively common affliction in the elderly. Although it is not a part of the aging process, it is a medical condition that is treatable.

Prevalence in Senior Adults

The CDC, or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, estimate that depression affects from 1% to 5% of the general senior population. The percentages go up for those that require hospitalization or home healthcare. While it is relatively common, it can be misdiagnosed because many of the symptoms of depression overlap with symptoms of the normal aging process or mimic symptoms of other health-related issues. Another reason it can be misdiagnosed is that the elderly population can be a bit isolated, which is one of the reasons senior companion services are so important to those living in Chevy Chase Village.

Symptoms to Look For

When your loved one is provided with senior companion services in Chevy Chase Village, they will have another person on the lookout for any signs of depression. These signs include:

  • A lingering or persistent sadness
  • Excessive worrying
  • Frequent bouts of crying
  • Feelings of worthlessness or helplessness
  • Changes in weight
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Withdrawing from social activities

If you or the senior companion services provider should notice any of these symptoms, it is important that your loved one’s Chevy Chase Village physician be made aware of it.

Depression and Medical Conditions

There are a few medical conditions that can trigger or worsen depression symptoms. This is especially true of conditions that cause chronic pain or are physically debilitating. Conditions like Parkinson’s disease, cancer and lupus can all lead to an increase in depression symptoms.

Depression and Medications

There are certain prescribed medications that can lead to symptoms of depression in elderly adults. Senior companion services providers in Chevy Chase Village can notice these types of symptoms flaring up when medications are added or changed by a doctor. Some cardiovascular drugs or anti-inflammatory drugs can cause feelings of depression.

The good thing about depression is that it can be treated, and there are a lot of options when it comes to treatment. If you are worried about your loved one’s mental health, Capital City Nurses can help ease the burden. Our senior companion services providers in Chevy Chase Village can help monitor your loved one looking for signs of depression. If you are ready to discuss our services, call 866-807-7307.

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