The Benefits of Choosing an Engineered Wood Flooring Installation in New Jersey

When it comes to making some upgrades to the home, many homeowners wonder what to do with the floors. While carpeting and tile are always options, why not think about the idea of an engineered wood flooring installation in New Jersey? Here are some of the reasons why this approach is worth thinking about before making a final decision.

The Pricing

One of the first things to learn about an Engineered Wood Flooring Installation in New Jersey is the type of material used. Essentially, engineered wood flooring consists of several layers. The top layer is a veneer made using a natural hardwood. Some sort of core is also included. The remaining layer will likely be some kind of pressed wood product that helps to add stability.

Compared to the use of hardwood sections for the flooring, this approach can be cost effective. For homeowners who want the look of hardwood but cannot afford the materials, opting for this approach makes it possible to enjoy great looking floors and still keep the costs within reason.

The Quality

Opting for this type of flooring will result in a floor that is durable and attractive. As the years go by, taking care of the floor will actually be just as easy as protecting any type of hardwood floor. In the meantime, the owner does not have to be concerned about the product warping or buckling under normal use. The product will easily last for decades without needing anything but periodic cleaning and staining.

Using the Flooring in the Basement

It would be nice to have a hardwood floor in a finished basement, but the potential for moisture makes using solid wood impractical. Engineered wood will still provide the look desired and be more resistant to possible exposure to moisture. This means if the plan is to turn the basement into a home office or a den, the rich look of wood can still be present.

For more information about flooring options, visit SMI Flooring Distributors today. It will not take long to check out the different options and come up with the right choice for any room in the house.