4 Benefits of Getting Commercial Auto Insurance

You might be wondering why you need commercial auto insurance if you are operating a business. Why not go for the regular auto insurance? Commercial auto insurance will offer you several benefits which are only available for business customers. With this type of auto insurance, you will always have protection for your business no matter who the driver is. Here are some great benefits that come with commercial auto insurance.

  1. You will Get Higher Limits
    You are always at risk whenever you or your employees are driving company vehicles. Wrecks which involve business vehicles nearly always lead to lawsuits.Medical fees, punitive damages and attorney fees can get to six figures easily. This amount can easily exceed the limits of a personal auto insurance policy. However, commercial auto insurance in Fort Collins CO area typically has higher coverage amounts to protect your business.
  2. Protect Business Equipment
    Most business owners usually have business equipment and tools whenever they are driving. From hydraulic lifts to catering equipment and everything in between, all these assets make your job easier. By having commercial auto insurance, your assets will be covered as well as your vehicle if anything amiss should occur.
  3. Protect Your Employees
    As a business owner, many people are counting on you on a daily basis. However, you can never be everywhere all the time. Employees are known to be a great stand in for you whenever it comes to keeping your business running. They will always be driving business cars to help you conduct company business. Commercial auto insurance will ensure that you are fully covered no matter which employee is driving as long as they are properly licensed.
  4. Meet Fleet Lease Requirements
    Leases will always require a business to maintain auto insurance. However, commercial auto insurance will always protect their interests whenever you experience an accident. It will help them from experiencing losses in case of damages to the business. At U.S.

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