The Advantages Of Choosing Ultrasonic Welding Services

Welding is a highly efficient and effective way to join two similar types of materials. When welding is done with metal alloys either heat or electrical arcs are used to produce energy to melt a small amount of the base alloys and create a solid welded bond. Typically, a filler material is also used that also melts with the workpieces to create the weld pool and the final weld.

With plastics, heating using any type of gas or electrical arc is not possible due to the lower melting temperatures of plastics. Instead, ultrasonic welding services use high-frequency vibrations and pressure. The advantage of this technique is the ability to form extremely durable and complete welds without the need for fasteners or other processes. Additionally, ultrasonic welding can be used to join two very different types of materials, something that is very complicated with other welding processes.

The Process Simplified

While ultrasonic welding services may seem simple, it is essential that the operator understands the correct types of settings and materials to use for the most reliable body.

In the assembly of injection molded parts made from thermoplastic materials, the welder has to select the correct frequency to use to generate the weld. The two parts to be joined are positioned between a base, called the anvil, and the horn or sonotrode that emits the acoustic vibration. The vibration itself is produced through a transducer.

One part, or sometimes both, there is a slight protrusion. This protrusion creates the contact zone between the two parts. This is thinner than either of the parts, so it melts quickly with the correct frequency of ultrasonic energy and, with the positioning of the two parts, the solid weld is formed.

As the control of the ultrasonic energy only allows for the melting of the projection point, there is no impact on the structural integrity of either piece. This allows to create a precise, uniform weld that is ideal for joining plastic components.

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