3 Reasons To Choose Garage Wooden Doors

For a home and garage renovation or a new property construction, making the choice of garage doors may not seem like a big decision. However, if you have an attached garage, the doors you choose will be approximately 20-40% of the surface area of the home from the curb, so choosing the right doors will be important.

One of the big changes in the way custom home designers are building their homes is to return to the very traditional and elegant look of garage wooden doors. As this is a good indicator of what is selling on the market and what high-end contractors considered to be the best choice, these doors are also a very good option for a renovation or replacement of existing garage doors.

Classic Look With Options

The term classic is often used with garage wooden doors. However top manufacturers can create any look, style, design or theme on the doors. Carriage house styles of garage doors are always popular but so are the Craftsman styles, Spanish styles, Cape Cod and modern as well as vintage styles.

Increased Sale Value

By choosing garage wooden doors over steel or other man-made types of materials, it is possible to add considerably to the value of the property. Many times buyers are specifically looking for these additional details of the quality in a home, while for others it is the instant appeal from the curb that creates the interest in the rest of the home.


In the past, some construction methods for wooden doors resulted in concerns with warping and weathering of the doors even in moderate climates. With today’s engineering advancements in door construction as well as quality stains and protectants for the wood, these doors are durable, strong and long-lasting.

Comparing the look, style and performance of wood against other materials will provide you with the information you need to make the best choice for your new garage doors.

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