CNC Drilling Operation Offers Many Benefits

Not long ago, the average drilling operation included a drill press, worker, and few measuring tools. Drilling vertically was the main job, and it was possible to drill at specific angles. The operator had complete control over the task and accuracy depended on skill and experience. Today, modern drill machines have many capabilities, and they get their instructions from computer programs. Here are some of the many good things they have to offer.

CNC and Standard Drills – What’s the Difference

CNC is a computer controlled process that performs work without the need for manual operation. Suppose you have metal plates or maybe printed circuit boards that need holes in specific patterns. You only have to program a CNC machine to bore holes in the pattern you need, and it does the rest of the work.

A CNC drilling operation does the same task over and over. In fact, as long as the machine is operating it continues to do the same job. Your machine can work all day to make thousands of pieces. However, CNC machines can do more than simple boring or drilling.


CNC equipment works on axes. Each axis lets the machine do a specific job at a certain angle. For instance, a three-axis machine can drill holes from three different angles. If you use a five-axis machine, you have the benefits of many angles.

By using multiple axes, you can do work that once took many tasks. With a standard drill press, you have to reset the machine for each drilling task. This takes a lot of time, and it’s not very efficient. A CNC drilling operation can do many tasks(one after the other), so there’s no need to stop the machine to change the settings.

These are just a few of the many benefits your company can enjoy from modern technology.

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