The Advantages for Immediate Family Members When a Person Completes Funeral Pre-Planning in Forest Hill

Funeral Pre-planning in Forest Hill helps an individual make sure all arrangements are set up the way he or she prefers, and that the payment is covered. That takes the burden off of family members who otherwise have to handle everything once their loved one has passed away. Although facing the inevitability of death, this way may be a bit unpleasant, pre-planning is an act of kindness for the immediate family members.

Having the Discussion

Talking about this decision with those family members can feel awkward. Nevertheless, this person should tell their closest relatives about the funeral Pre-planning in Forest Hill and inform them as to where the relevant documents have been stored.

Keeping this information a secret can backfire if nobody knows pre-planning has been completed. The individual who has made the arrangements may assume that the adult children will know where the paperwork is kept, but the location isn’t always as obvious as someone might think.

The family members then arrange for funeral home services that could go against what their loved one wanted. They may choose a burial plot for a parent in a cemetery, but the parent may have already bought a plot elsewhere. Also, they have to pay for something that may have already been prepaid at a different funeral home.

Payment Arrangements

Sometimes the customer pays ahead of time. In other cases, a savings account is devoted to this purpose.

Another option for making sure payment will be made to an organization such as Evans Funeral Chapel, and Cremation Services is to direct a life insurance beneficiary to fill out a funeral home assignment form. Then the policy payout will be sent to the funeral home for payment. It is best not to make the funeral home the beneficiary, no matter how convenient that might seem. In any case, this is not even allowed by law in many parts of the country.

With the arrangements made beforehand, the family has peace of mind that they are carrying out their loved one’s wishes. They don’t have to make decisions since this has part of the process has already been completed. Information on one organization can be seen at

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