How to Hire the Right Foundation Contractors in Hawaii

When Hawaii homeowners see cracks in their walls, have un-level floors, or experience sticking doors, they may have a foundation problem. They hire Foundation Contractors in Hawaii to complete the work professionally and correctly. However, foundation repair work is complicated, so choosing the right contractor is critical to the project’s success. Follow these suggestions when looking to have foundation work completed.

Unbiased Inspection

A contractor must make a visual inspection before submitting an estimate or a bid to perform the work. Reputable foundation contractors will provide free estimates. Expect the examination to take some time while they thoroughly analyze the area. Ask specifically if the inspector receives a commission for services sold from the company because that creates a huge conflict of interest for the homeowner. Alternately, a homeowner could hire a structural engineer to perform an independent evaluation to validate the issues identified during the other inspections. Gather at least three different estimates for comparison purposes.

Ask About the Depth Clause

Reputable contractors will include a clause in their estimates and contracts that specifies the depth of excavating and piling covered in the contract. Beyond the specified depth, additional costs could be triggered. Be wary of a contractor that does not include a depth clause in their contract because it is unlikely a contractor would operate at a loss and continue to a further depth when needed if that could create a net loss for their business.

Familiar with Local Environment

While it is vital to hire an experienced foundation contractor, homeowners should look specifically for contractors who are experienced in the local area. Soils and building practices can vary widely across the United States, so Foundation Contractors in Hawaii will have a much lower probability for errors than contractors from other areas, even if those contractors are highly skilled and knowledgeable with foundation repairs.

Licensed and Insured

Only hire licensed contractors to complete foundation work. Pay particular attention to companies who follow the International Code Council – Evaluation Service, a non-profit organization that sets standards for safety factors and construction quality. Additionally, foundation work can be dangerous, so verify contractors have sufficient insurance.

In Closing

When choosing contractors, it is critical for the homeowners to evaluate their options instead of just accepting the first contractor they speak with. Compare the estimates to see which company brings the best value. For more information about foundation work, click here. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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