A Bondsman in Grapevine, TX Can Help You Get Back To Your Life

While many people have a general idea of how the criminal justice system works. Most do not figure out all of the details until they are caught in the middle of the system. Not knowing who to call or what their basic rights are can cost additional time, as well as money. Knowing what to expect in advance can help them formulate a plan, or know what to do just in case of an emergency. The first thing to remember if you, or a friend or family member is charged with a crime, they are innocent until they are proven to be guilty. Once they have been arrested the magistrate or the judge on duty must set a bond which will allow them to be released while they are awaiting trial. If they are able to post this bond, they can be released, however the amount of the bond is usually outside of the financial ability of most to post. This is where it comes in handy to know a Bondsman in Grapevine, TX.

Unfortunately, for the person who have been accused, the trial can be months if not years away. If the person is not able to post the bond, they are expected to sit in jail until the date of the trial. A Bondsman in Grapevine, TX will be able to help. Once the bondsman is contracted they will conduct a personal interview with the accused. They will determine if they are a flight risk, as well as determining if they have the ability to pay back the bond. In exchange for their services the bondsman will charge a percentage of the bond as their non-refundable fee. This fee can vary by location but it will usually represent at least ten percent of the total cost of the bond. If the person does not have this money upfront, the Bondsman in Grapevine, TX will often set up a payment plan with them. If the person shows up and keeps all of the court dates that they are scheduled for, the person will not owe the bond company any additional money. If they miss a court date and the court issues an order for their arrest for failure to appear, the court will revoke or keep the bond that has been posted. This will mean that the person will then owe the total amount of the bond to the bail bond company.

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