The Advantage of Using Professionals for Carpet Cleaning in Chesapeake, VA

Carpeting can add beauty and value to your home, but it does need careful, routine cleaning in order to maintain its looks. When you use experts for carpet cleaning in Chesapeake VA, you are also offered benefits and services that include:

* RESTORATION: If you have bought a home with a badly soiled carpet, or your current flooring has suffered from heavy traffic, professionals, such as Atlantic Carpet Care, Inc., can often restore it to like-new condition. They work with dozens of flooring and upholstery types, and will use the manufacturer’s suggested methods and products. In addition to basic carpet cleaning in Chesapeake, VA professionals can safely remove pet odors, and Kool-Aid stains, and eliminate the affects of pet urine. They are able to repair and stretch carpets, as well as clean Oriental carpets.

* EMERGENCY SERVICES: Carpet professionals will respond 24/7, if you have water or sewage damage. They can quickly and safely remove standing water, and begin to dry your home using industrial-strength equipment. They will protect your furniture, walls, and flooring, while cleaning and deodorizing them. Professionals work directly with insurance companies, and can help expedite damage claims.

* REMEDIATION SERVICES: After water or sewage damage, your home quickly becomes susceptible to disease causing pollution and mold. To combat this,the water damage experts at Atlantic Carpet Care, Inc. quickly begin a remediation process once all affected areas are dried. They will sanitize and deodorize areas impacted by contaminants, and will search for mold. This is critical, since the fungus travels via spores that can be circulated through air vents. Technicians will make repairs, to prevent the dampness that mold needs, and they will remove any growths they find. They will treat affected areas, and will typically clean air vents.

* GUARANTEES: Quality carpet cleaning services guarantee their work. They will re-clean any area that you are not satisfied with. If you are still not happy, they will refund your money.

It is smart to trust your home carpets to full-service carpeting cleaning professionals. These experts offer 24/7 service, and can restore carpeting, even after severe water damage. In addition, they provide complete mold and sewage remediation services, and guarantee their work.

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