Tips for Saving Money on Residential Carpeting in Chicago

Many homes have at least some areas of the home carpeted. This type of flooring is soft underfoot, helps limit noise between floors, and can act as a little extra insulation as well. Unlike other types of flooring, there’s very little risk of slipping and falling with carpet. However, it can still be expensive to purchase and install carpeting, so check out these tips for saving money on residential carpeting in Chicago.

Consider Seconds, Remnants, and In-Stock Carpet

All of these types of carpet can help limit your costs. Remnants work best with smaller areas, as it will be easier to find a remnant to fit the area. In-stock carpet is best for those who want to save money while having a wider selection to choose from.

Be Open to Other Fibers and Styles

While nylon carpets and cut and loop style carpets may be popular, you can save money by opting for polyester, olefin, or triexta carpets in a Berber or frieze style. Just make sure that the carpet is suitable for the area where you plan to use it, as some carpets are better for high-traffic areas of the home than others.

Shop at the Right Time of Year

If you can choose when you replace your carpet, start looking in the fall. Many companies that sell residential carpeting in Chicago have sales in the fall to make room for new styles that come out in the springtime. Don’t worry if you need to replace your carpet during another time of the year, as there will probably be at least some type of sale going on somewhere to help you with the costs.

Don’t Skimp on the Important Stuff

Some things are too important to try to cut costs on them. These include installation and padding. High-quality padding under the carpet will help it last longer. You also need to use a professional installer unless you are installing the carpet in a pretty small area that isn’t oddly shaped. Otherwise, you may wind up spending extra money trying to fix your mistakes.

Check out website to see what options are available for residential carpeting. Depending on the carpet you choose, they may even be able to do same day or next day installation if you’re in a hurry.

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