Tail Waggers Pets Online Pet Store

At Tail Waggers, we are committed to making it easy for you to care for your pet safely and naturally. As a member of your family, your dog, cat or other small animal deserves the same clean food and care products that you demand for yourself. Unfortunately, these things are not always easy to find at your local stores and specialty retailers.

Whether it’s a bed, treat, shampoo or flea treatment, your purchase at Tail Waggers is going to be good for your pet. From quality and effectiveness to being specifically designed for holistic care, our inventory is all about supporting your pet’s health and happiness — without dangerous ingredients and inferior results. Our staff will be happy to take the time to help you find what you need, especially if your pet deals with special needs, allergies or fussy eating habits.

Imagine a resource that is as serious as you are about providing your furry friend with the things he or she needs most, such as a natural, organic diet, a bed without synthetic fabrics and so much more. Even the toys we carry are healthier.

Because we are an online pet store, we come to you wherever you are. No more running across town to the solitary local pet store. Now you can shop anytime, from the comfort of your own home, and make certain that you are getting the products that are best for your pet.

Take a look around our website to learn more, and discover the items that you’ve been searching for. We look forward to supporting your pet’s best health!

For more information, visit Tailwaggerspets.com.

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